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Service & Warranty

It’s Quite simple. If you Can’t back it don’t sell it!

We run a fully equipped Service Center, (in Markham, Ontario) with factory trained technicians, providing ON THE SPOT REPAIRS FOR WALK-IN CUSTOMERS as well as to customers from all over North America.

  • Warranty on Sumeet models sold in North America is:
  • Motor: 5 Years P/L. – All else: 1 Year P/L

Warranty is valid only in the country of purchase and in India.

  • The consumer has always been, very consciously, the centre of all activity at Sumeet. And nowhere is it more visible than in our Sales and Service. Our Sales Offices in India and here in North America are fully equipped for Servicing each and every machine we sell, with Sumeet trained technicians at the helm
  • If you need assistance, contact our Technicians, toll free at 1-866-204-7799 anywhere in the US & Canada. We will assist you in resolving any issues in the quickest possible manner.

Warranty is valid from the date of purchase against manufacturing defect(s).
The warranty will be deemed void if the machine is opened and or tampered with by any unauthorised person(s).
Warranty is invalid if the product is misused in anyway or not handled in accordance with the Operating Instructions issued by the company

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