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A selection of Models to suit your needs


Whether you need an everyday blender or a specialized Spice, Herb, & Lentil/Grains & Seeds Grinder, the Machines of Sumeet Traditional are perfect. You can order any of our famous Grinder models from our North American Headquarters , and receive a Five-Year Warranty on the motor, with a One-Year Warranty on everything else.

Asia Kitchen Machine 2024 Edition

The Sumeet Traditional Asia Kitchen Machine, our Top of the Line Model is equipped with a Safety interlocked Heavy Duty 750 Watt Motor to tackle Tough Wet & Dry Grinding, Mixing, blending tasks effortlessly. 


It comes with 3 Specially designed Stainless Steel Jars.


  • The Asia Grinder Jar: A Heavy Duty Large Quantity Wet & Dry Grinder, that can grind the toughest ingredients into Paste or Fine Powder with ease. Grinding Capacity: Minimum. 50 Grams.  Maximum. 400 Grams. (2 Cups).                
  • The Multipurpose 1.2 L SS Jar with 4 interchangeable Blades for Blending, Mincing, Grating, Whipping and more…                                                
  • Spice Jar:  A small quantity Wet & Dry Grinder. A handy attachment for when your grinding requirments are 1/2 cup or less.

All 3 Jars incorporate the Unique Stopper/Stirrer to aid in mixing the ingredients while in operation to give you uniformed results each time.

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Asia Kitchen Machine Jars

  • The Asia Grinder Jar has a double-wall, stainless-steel construction, a redesigned integrated blade, and lids with a user-friendly, snap-in locking system. The multipurpose Asia grinder jar was created specifically to tackle the tough grinding tasks required in the diverse cuisines of India. However, it is equally useful in grinding for any other style of cooking.

    The 1.2 liter Stainless-Steel Jar incorporates a new handle assembly with a user-friendly locking system that comes with a stopper/stirrer assembly for quick, uniform results (similar to the Asia Grinder Jar). The redesigned blades are lighter, stronger, and more efficient at blending, whipping, mincing, grating and grinding. Spend less time and get better results without straining the motor.

The new, Small Quantity  Spice Grinder Jar with its own built-in stirrer is ideal for dry and wet grinding of up to 1/2 cup. Some common uses for this include fresh coffee powder, blending a quick chutney, or even making fresh nut butters in less than 90 seconds.


The Sumeet Traditional Domestic Plus INT 2024 Edition features 2 Jars:

A large Multi Functional 1.2-liter Stainless Steel Jar with 4 interchangeable Blades for Dry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Mincing/Grating and Whipping.
Grinding capacity (Wet or Dry): Minimum 1/2 cup. Maximum 2.5 Cups.

Note: The Asia Grinder Jar can be substituted instead of the 1.2 L SS Jar at no extra cost.

The Small Quantity Spice Grinder Jar is designed for heavy duty Dry and Wet grinding of up to 3/4 cup or less.
Ideal for preparing small quantities of fresh baby foods, a quick chutney, Curry Pastes or fresh Spice rubs. Grind Nuts into Nut Butter – without adding any Oil in Seconds.

An important feature included with both jars is The Stopper/Stirrer assembly.
Helps mix your ingredients while grinding. Saves time and gives a very uniformed result.

As the motor is interlocked (for your safety) the Asia Grinder Jar can be added as an optional attachment.