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The Features


The large Indian Community around the World made a simple enough demand. They wanted a machine that would grind Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilies, Soaked Dals, into a paste, without adding a Drop of Water. They also wanted this machine to be Tough enough to Dry Grind Whole Grains and Cereals. They even wanted to be able to Grind their Own Blend of Spices and Curry Pastes using fresh ingredients for their authentic recipes passed on through generations.

This is where The Competition Stopped….

Why Use Sumeet?

The Sumeet name is ubiquitous with the mixer-grinder in India since its birth in 1963, thanks to our simple solutions to chopping, mixing, and grinding ingredients like ginger, garlic, green chilies, coconuts and soaked dals and rice, as well as whole grains, medicinal herbs, and cereals. Produce 400g of fresh whole wheat flour in 90 seconds, or even make your own coffee grounds from fresh beans. Of course, Sumeet allows chefs of all styles to create their own blends of spices and pastes to pass on to the next generation, using any fresh ingredients they choose.


The benefits of the Asia Grinder Jar

Arguably the most versatile grinding tool available, the Asia Grinder Jar is designed for an assortment of tough grinding jobs, whether dry or wet. Grind oilseeds like Sesame, make Fresh Nut Butters from Almonds, Peanuts and more… Grind hard items such as Turmeric Roots, Exotic Spices, or Grains into fine Powder. It can make smooth paste out of fresh ginger & Garlic, Fresh Chutneys or soaked Dals (Lentils) – without adding a drop of water.  You can expect any grinding to be finished in less than two minutes, thanks to features such as:

Large Integrated 4 Wing Blade | Specially Shaped Stainless-Steel Jar | Unbreakable Polycarbonate Dome Lid | Built-In Stopper/Stirrer Assembly | Backed by a Powerful 750-Watt Motor