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Heavy Duty Spice Grinder

A Powerful Dry & Wet Grinder for today's Gourmet Kitchen !

A compact, easy to use wet and dry grinder, which is far more versatile than an ordinary coffee grinder, can ever be. Ideally suited for any recipe that requires grinding ingredients like spices, peppercorn, dried red chilies, herbs, coconuts, ginger roots, lemon grass, garlic, grains and more. It will turn the ingredients into fine powder (Dry Grind) or a smooth thick paste (Wet Grind), using the inherent juices. Nut butters from peanuts, almonds etc can be made in 60 seconds. It will also render Ice cubes into "snow" in seconds. It is designed to do all the labor-intensive grinding tasks traditionally done with a Stone & Pestle? Saving you time and energy.

A compact Grinder with endless Grinding applications

Its modern space saving design conceals a powerful 400-Watt, 1/2-hp motor. The single (detachable for easy cleaning) Stainless Steel Jar and Blade with unbreakable polycarbonate lid can grind up to almost 1 cup of dry ingredients into a fine powder or wet ingredients into a smooth paste. The Built-in Stirrer allows you to mix while it grinds, resulting in quick and uniformed powder or paste. The Sumeet Multi Grind can tackle tough ingredients like grains, corn, whole spices, dried pepper, chilies, oilseeds, coconut, soaked lentils and rice, herbs, and more in seconds. It can even Crush Ice

Make delicious Chutneys or Curry paste using your own blend of whole Spices and herbs. Grind fresh Ginger & Garlic into a smooth paste in seconds - without adding a drop of water.

Effortlessly make Fresh Nut Butters like Almond or Peanut Butter in less than a minute without adding any additional oil.

The aroma and taste of freshly ground spices is unmatched. Make your own blend of Rubs - Fresh each time, using any combination and permutation of Herbs and spices you desire.

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Corn....When dried, its perhaps one of the toughest to grind but quite easy with the Multi Grind

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The Sumeet Multi Grind


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