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Asia Kitchen Machine 750 Watts

  • The ASIA GRINDER Jar now has a "Double Wall Stainless Steel"
    construction (replacing the Plastic housing & side clips), a redesigned integrated blade and lids with a more user friendly snap-in locking system.                                          

  • The Multipurpose Asia Grinder Jar was created specifically to tackle the tough DRY & WET grinding tasks required in the diverse cuisines of India. Yet it is equally at home where grinding is vital to the cuisines from other parts of the world.

  • Fresh Nut Butters. Make Almond or Peanut butter in 60 Seconds.- Without adding any additional oil.

  • The Asia Grinder effectivelygrinds Dry Or Wet ingredients into fine powder or a smooth thick paste, from as little as 50 grams to as much as 400 Grams in less than 2 minutes.Soaked Lentils, Rice, Coconuts, Chilies, Herbs, Ginger, Garlic to name afew, can be ground without adding a drop of water. A feat only possibleusing Stone & Pestle.

  • The 1.2 Liter Stainless Steeljar incorporates a new handle assembly with a user friendly lockingsystem and now also comes with a Stopper/Stirrer assembly forquick and uniformed results, (similar to the Asia Grinder Jar). Redesigned Blades are lighter, stronger and more efficient to tackle thevarious tasks such as Blending, Whipping, Mincing, Grating and Grinding inless time with finer results and with less strain on the motor.

  • The New Small quantitySpice Grinder Jar, with its own built-in Stirrer is ideal for dry andwet grinding of up to 1/2 cup, be it fresh coffee powder, a quick chutney orfresh Nut butters in less than 90 Seconds.

  • To tackle these demanding taskswith even better results, effective immediately Sumeet has increased thepower of the motor from 550 Watts to 750 Watts. It is SafetyInterlocked with overload protection. 

  • Warranty- Motor: 5 YearsP/L. - All else: 1 Year P/L.






The Sumeet Domestic Plus IL

  • Equipped with the NEW 750 Watt Motor, the Sumeet Domestic Plus comes with 2 Stainless Steel Attachments:
  • The Multi Functional 1.2 Liter Stainless Steel Jar with newly designed 4 interchangeable Blades for Dry Grinding, Wet Grinding, Mincing/Grating, Blending and Whipping.
  • New feature added is the unique Stopper/Stirrer (not shown) to help mix ingredients while grinding.
  • Also included, the redesigned Small Quantity Spice Grinder Jar, also with a built in Stirrer for heavy duty Dry and Wt grinding of up to 1/2 cup.
  • As the motor is interlocked (for your safety) the Asia Grinder Jar can be added as an optional attachment. One of the strongest Mixer/Grinder in the Market with the added feature of 2-3 cups capacity for dry grinding and tough wet paste grinding.

  • Warranty- Motor: 5 Years P/L - All else: 1 Year P/L.













The Sumeet Multi Grind

  • A compact Grinder with endless grinding applications.It's modern space saving design conceals a powerful 400 watt, 1/2 hp motor.

  • The single (detachable for easy cleaning) StainlessSteel Jar and Blade can tackle the toughest Grinding jobs either into a FinePowder or a thick Paste.

  • The Built-in Stirrer allows you to mix while itgrinds, resulting in quick and uniformed powder or paste.
  • The Sumeet Multi Grind can tackle tough ingredientslike grains, whole spices, dried pepper, oilseeds, coconuts, soaked lentilsand rice, herbs, and more in seconds. It can even Crush Ice.

  • Fresh Nut butters; Up to 3/4 cup of Peanuts, Almonds(or any other nuts) can made into smooth butter in 60 Seconds - Withoutadding any additional oil!

Warranty- Motor: 5 Years P/L - All else: 1 Year P/L.








Range of Models

** USA: US $195.00 + $ 35.00 S/H

 * Canada: CAN $ 225.00 + Applicable Taxes + S/H

All models sold in North America are 120 Volts, 60 Hz. (As per UL / CSA) 

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 * U.S.A.: US $ 160.00 + 35.00 S/H.
 * Canada: Can $ 170.00 + Applicable Taxes + S/H

All models sold in NorthAmerica are 120 Volts, 60 Hz. (As per UL / CSA) 

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 * U.S.A.: US $ 90.00 + S/H.
 * Canada: Can $ 109.99 + applicable Taxes

All models sold in NorthAmerica are 120 Volts, 60 Hz. (As per UL / CSA)

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